Monday, November 24, 2008


So after Sevilla we hopped on a train for Granada, we were hoping that it was going to be a smaller town type of place but we came to find out that it is quite huge. However, even as a large city it was really cool. It was organized into neighborhoods, each of which was a different culture. It was really amazing to experience them all.

This is a view of the hillside coming into Granda, we saw more olive and almond trees than we ever knew existed. Chances are if you are eating either of these things, it came from here.
The next shot is of Lisa enjoying the scenery on a train ride. I liked it cuz of the the old sepia feel.

When we arrived, we headed up to a viewpoint to check out the city layout. After negotiating the narrow unlabeled street system we made it to St. Nicolas plaza with a view of the Alhambra and the rest of the city. This is a shot of all the other people that were there doing the same thing. There were a ton of performers there too with music filling the air. It was great!

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