Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grandma turns 90!

My Grandma T turned 90 this year so we all headed to Iowa to help her celebrate!

This isn't the best smile she has, but man did she still have her wittyness about her, crackin jokes left and right!
My mom used her cake decorating skills (she was a professional when I was little) and made the cutest cake ever!
Ta Da!!! She accidentally forgot the top piece of cake, so she had a local supermarket bakery make it for her....you can tell which one they did - can't believe they charged her for that! But still, it was SUCH a CUTE cake!
Another one of my grandma's cakes....made of all flowers. She had another one too, forgot to take a picture though, but it was cheesecake wrapped in fondant to look like stacked presents, very cute!
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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For Turkey Day this year, we reunited with our best friends we had in Alaska...Kevin and Rennau (aka Chris or SD). Anyway, when we were in Alaska all together, we pretty much hung out everyday, and would do some pretty crazy and random things where our individual skills and knowledge would get us out of some sticky situations. We had dubbed ourselves "The Lifeteam" for this reason. So after 15 months of being separated (Ben and I had moved to CO, Kevin remained in AK until moving to San Fran last month, and Rennau had moved to MT), we decided it was time to unite again! The 4 days together flew by faster than a roadrunner on speed, and our stomachs hurt everyday from the laughing (seriously, we felt like we had done 1000 situps the previous day!). Anyway, here's a few photos from the Lifeteam Reunion of '09! Love you guys, can't wait until our next one!
Lifeteam Reunion 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our Wisconsin Trip

In late November, Ben lost his uncle Bob to a battle with cancer. We were able to make it back to Wisconsin for the services, and where all the family still lives except Ben and his parents and brother. It was a sad trip, but at the same time a great one, to be able to see where Ben grew up and to be with his loving and hilarious family. Click on the picture to see some photos from our trip.