Thursday, July 22, 2010

DATR 2010

We went to Drums Along the Rockies this summer, an event that is the home show for the Drum Corps I used to march with - The Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps. It was great to catch up with old friends and be immersed in the world of corps, such passion, commitment, craziness and fun. Unfortunately I didn't get too many pictures, especially of all the old friends I met up with who became my family the several summers I was involved!

The Blue Knights snare line - which I was a part of for a brief time in 1998.
The beautiful sunset at Denver's Mile High Stadium

The Santa Clara Vangaurd Drum and Bugle Corps
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The Blue Knights!!!
Some of the best people around!!! Colby, Jon and Charmian - Love you guys!
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Hiking a 13er

The next day after our camping trip, I got an invitation from a friend to hike a 13er (13,000ft peak) near Breckenridge. Since I've been wanting to do a 14er, I figured this would be a good starting point. I headed up to Breckenridge in the morning and by about noon was near the top! Unfortunately, I think the elevation difference from Boulder (5500ft) then to climbing the 13er was a little much for me and I got altitude sickness...600ft sort of the summit. But the views were still amazing and I had a great time! Click on the picture for some great pics!
Bald Mountain summit

A quick camping trip near Pingree Park, CO

Since it was Lisa's last weekend off (she works 6, then has 4 off, and the first 3 weekends off were taken while she was in Alaska), we went on a short camping trip up towards Pingree Park with some friends. This is a little area in Larimer County, just south of the Poudre Canyon. Some great times, with great friends, including some sling-shotting and beautiful sunsets! Click on the picture below to see more!
Pingree Park Camping

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Finally, I'm a certified IMET

Right after I went on the mountain bike ride with Ben and Vanessa, I was called to go out on a fire as an Incident Meteorologist in Alaska, near Tok specifically. So the next day I headed on a 18 hour trip to get to the fire, where I spent the next 3 weeks (and missed our second wedding anniversary :( ) and finally got certified! Click the picture below to see photos!


And.....we're back!!!!

I know, its been almost 3 months since we've last blogged, well here we go again! Sorry for the break. I've been posting to Facebook a lot, but I know not everyone has that, and its nice to have all our adventures/trips/events all in one place.

So here's one! At the end of May, Vanessa and Brian and Zander were back in Colorado. Ben and I brought our mountain bikes up to Estes for some fun with Vanessa, just like we used to do back in Alaska 4 years ago! Here's V happy as ever, with the awe-inspiring Longs Peak in the background.
Ben...taking it all in!
Finally a straight-away!!! Before this it was all uphill for about a mile, it was a nice reprieve.
Tearin it up!
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Ben racing off through the aspens....
Vanessa right behind him!
The Big Thompson back in Estes Park was roaring! A great hangout weekend
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