Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Hike with the Block Family in the Park

A couple weeks ago, we called Brian and Vanessa to see if they wanted to hang out and maybe go hiking. This would be their baby Zander's first big hike, as V and I had gone on a short hike the day before, but this was exciting to go into Rocky Mountain National Park with all of us for a fun long hike.

All three of them were trying to get Zander into the Baby Bjorn - it was entertaining :)
The new mom and dad with their baby boy
Ben feelin and lookin good in the warm sun :)
Some of the views we had on the way up
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Brian with Zander, Vanessa and Ben taking the side trail up.
Once we got to the Loche, there was a very persistent chipmunk wanting food, he got withing 2 feet of me!
A beautiful blue jay was hanging around as well
Ben fishing at the Loche
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Who needs a changing table when you have a perfectly good rock? :)
Dad and son doing a little outside bonding
Enjoying some Fosters after the hike
What a great hike with great friends!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Dispatched to the Discovery Fire

About a month ago, I was dispatched to the Discovery Fire in Naches, Washington as an IMET trainee (an Incident Meteorologist). For those of you who have no idea where that is (I didn't before I went), its about 30 miles west of Yakima. Again, one of my favorite parts of being an IMET is going to some amazing places in this country I wouldn't ever think of going otherwise!

Here is Base Camp at the end of the was controlled and they had already sent lots of supply away. It was located near Rimrock Reservoir.....very nice area, I would love to come back and camp here for fun one day!
Some isolated tree torching as the crews were burning fire line. The Fire Behavior Analyst and I were having lunch watching the activity - not bad entertainment! :)
Rimrock reservoir. Lots of clouds from the marine layer west of the Cascades pushing east over the crest.
On the other side of Rimrock Reservoir....again, so happy to be out enjoying the beauty of the country while doing a job I love!
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Discovery Fire cont'd

This was where the helibase was located....pretty nice setting eh? Three hours prior, a supertanker was here, didn't get a picture in time though :(
Amazing rock formations near base camp....I wanted to go climb them!
Some more amazing and interesting rocks....all from volcanic activity. The vertical blocky sections were so crazy!

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Visit from Kevin

Our friend Kevin from Alaska came down to Colorado in early August, to hang out a bit and also go to all 4 nights of Phish at Red Rocks! Anyway, it was SOOOO great to see him again and share some of life's adventures again with him.

The first day, the boys (Ben, Kevin and our roommate Conrad) packed up the canoe and headed up to a reservoir up above Boulder.

Kevin and Ben hauling it into the lake
Fishin it up!
Conrad sporting the latest fashion in PFDs and Ben looking like he's trying to unhook him
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The next day, Kevin and I decided to head up into Rocky Mountain National Park for a hike. We decided to head to Emerald Lake. Along the way, found this downed tree with its roots out of the beautiful.
Kevin getting a pre-hike stretch in :)
A lily pond along the way
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Lots of really cool logs and trees around the trail....this one was one of the favs

Cool curvy rock designs
One hell of a weird face I can give eh???!!! :)
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On our way around Emerald Lake
At the back of the lake, we found a huge field of columbines....we stepped very lightly around them!

So pretty!
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This was found in a rock....pretty sure it natural. Whatever it is, very cool :)
The view from the backside of Emerald Lake
Stoppin for some munchies
The good ol' standin on a rock pose from Kevin
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A beautiful waterfall coming out of the snowfield above us
Another one trickling down the rock, almost as if the trees were crying, or peeing, or whatever :)
Stopping for some tasty all natural energy bar....and to look like a buddah gnome in the forest
How is this tree alive?????
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