Monday, April 16, 2007

Feast for Friends

We had a few friends over for dinner last night to try Ben's most amazing recipe....Crab-Stuffed Halibut (seriously my favorite dish in the WORLD!).

Kaena showed up stylish to the party in her turquoise scarf.
Ben and Laura spent ALL-DAY making this dish for all of us.......mixed in with a little game of catch
As Zach (3rd from the right) so cleverly put it....."We just a few humans trying to enjoy some watermelon!"
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Our great friend Vanessa is celebrating her birthday today!!!! We're bummed not to be able to share her day with her, but here are some GREAT shots from her birthday last year!
Doin a little jig in the parking lot
Eatin some CAKE!!!
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The twins are here!

A little late in posting this, but just wanted to share with everyone that our really good friends up here, the Browns, had their identical twin daughters last week. Babies and mom are doing great, even for being born at 31 weeks. Head on over to their blog to see and hear more about these beautiful and strong babies!

Here's a great photo of the two of them, Alyssa Renee and Kaitlyn Marie!

Lisa's Birthday

I had a great surprise waiting for me when I got home from work....a balloon, banner and streamer safari!! (Compliments of Ben)
Went out to eat with some friends (including an old co-worker from Hawaii in town for the week) to a great thai restaurant.....I REALLY loved the sticky rice container!
Trying really hard to blow out the ONE match on the cake (couldnt' find any candles)
After having a helium-inhaling-party, Kaena wanted to share in some of the fun and tried them on for a new style :)
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Our Yucatan Peninsula 2007 Trip

We had a once in a life time chance to go down to the Yucatan Peninsula with Lisa's cousins and aunt last week....what an experience! We had a great and unforgetable time, doing things like surfing waves with kayaks, snorkling in crazy reef, riding a bike on a zipline above the jungle, snorkling in underground caves, visiting Mayan ruins, eating FANTASTIC fresh mexican food, and of course......getting engaged!

Click the webalbum below to see our pictures!