Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

Did anyone stay up late enough to catch the total lunar eclipse last month?

I DID! It was awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't have a tripod :( But this is the best I could do!
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Quick Trip to Taos

On a whim, Ben and I wanted to drive down to Taos for some exploring and some skiing. Since the drive was only 5 hours, it wasn't even twice as long as going to Aspen or Vail. So within about 4 days of deciding.....we were off! Luckily, our friend Sara Dingman and her roommate were up for some out-of-state fun as well. So, we packed up and ended up having a THRILLING trip with awesome CROWDLESS skiing and amazing food! Click on the picture below to view our photos!

Taos Ski Trip

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Kayla's 4th Birthday

January 2nd brought my niece Kayla's 4th birthday!
My sister had set up her birthday at Jumpin, an indoor jumping castle area for kids, big and little :)
"This is my cake!"
So excited with all her friends around!
Meanwhile, her brother Wyatt was playing with Uncle Ben
and getting some cuddle time in
"So Wyatt, how much cake do you think you can drive in to ya?"
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Christmas in Costa Rica

This year, for the 4th time in a row, our plans to go to Argentina fell through again! So instead, we decided to go to Costa Rica after hearing so many great things from many friends and family. It was just the two of us, and SO NICE! Relive the vacation with us by clicking on the photo below.

Costa Rica 2010

Pre-Christmas Christmas's

Since Ben and I were going away for Christmas and New Years, we had a few get togethers before we left to celebrate.
First stop, up to the Block's to help decorate their tree for their 1st Christmas in their house! Zander was very curious about the process :)
Ben working his amazing tree lighting skills
Zander working his I'm so cute skills :)
The finished product! (minus the gorgeous ribbon Vanessa added later)
The Blocks
Next weekend, they came down to our house to have a celebration with us and with our friends Seth and Whitney from the Springs.
Right after this next picture, we took a group picture on the couch - which as we were taking the timed photo, the couch BROKE!!! I'm hoping to get that photo posted here if I can find it!
Seth and Whitney - post celebration, in the PJ's ready for bed! Thanks for coming up guys! We miss you!
The very next day, my parents came down from Nebraska and my sister and her family came down from Ault for a Family Christmas. My sister and I attempted to show Kayla how fun Twister was! (Definitely not as flexible as I used to be to pull this game off!)

Kayla played Santa and handed out all the presents
Kayla was so excited to get princess stuff and barbies! Reminds me NOTHING of her mom, and totally of ME!!!! (She's actually wearing the dress my sister and I wore when we were her age!)
My dad, constantly trying to video everything - as they were heading to see my grandma in Iowa right after this. This way, she could see us all at Christmas!

Ty is a big Longhorns fan, so my parents got the whole family their own hats! :)

Backcountry skiing with V in RMNP

Vanessa had new skiis, boots and bindings, and I had just gotten some new boots - so what better way to break them in than a little backcountry trip??
At first, we were going to take Zander, but Brian and Fabrizio came down off the slopes and decided it would be best to let us go alone.
He sure was cute all bundled up Christmas Story style!
Dummy me - I forgot to adjust my bindings to my new boots! Luckily Brian and Fabrizio came to the rescue, with a car key :)
Do-it-herself!!!! :)
And off the 3 of us went!

Thanksgiving 2010

This year, I had to work during Thanksgiving and therefore could not go to my parents for the family get together. So our other family was nice enough to come down for a nighttime thanksgiving feast! Brian, Vanessa, Zander and our friend Gillam came down to spend the holiday with us.
Zander really likes the djembe drum!
Father and son getting some good quality cartoon action in before dinner :)
We made a delicious overnight-brined, butter-n-beer-injected turkey on the charcoal grill! YUM!
Our Feast!
Zander and his clothes-twin monkey
He moved on from the drum to the guitar - this kid just may be a musician!
After devouring our feast, we sat down for one of our favorite games back from our Hawaii times together - CatchPhrase! Vanessa takes a stab at it
Daniel sits on the sidelines
Lisa trying to get her point across
Zander wants to guess!
Gillam's turn!
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Dinner with the Velasquez's

We had a lovely evening with Michael and Darcy earlier this month when they came up for a dinner date in Boulder with us.
We are super excited for them as they are expecting Baby Girl V in February!
Before dinner we drove up Flagstaff Mountain for a peak at the Indian Peaks - unfortunately the clouds were trying to hide them - but they are there if you look hard!!!
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Michelle visits!

My roommate from college (and the matchmaker of Ben and I) Michelle, who lives in NYC, came to Colorado with her family for a visit in late November. Luckily, Ben and I were around to hang out with her!

Michelle, Rob and Nolan.....and Baby Bruno #2 on the way!
So fun to be around together again!
We went to Michelle's sisters house to visit - who just had her second child a few months prior! It was also Ruthie's, their mom, birthday! It was great - thanks guys!
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