Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pawnee Pass Backpacking Trip

All summer Ben and I were trying to work with friends to get a weekend off with everyone to go on a backpacking trip - and thankfully we found one!!!! We were going to head up toward Brainard Lakes, then hike back toward the Continental Divide, over Pawnee Pass and camp at Pawnee Lake. Everywhere we had looked at this hike said it was 4.5-5 miles one way.....not bad. However, when it was all said and done, it was NINE miles one way, or 18 miles roundtrip - WHEW! It was awesome!

A pre-hike hike with Angela and Landon and the dogs
All packed up and ready to go!
The group! (L to R) Scott, Kelly, Ben, Kaena, Roscoe, Landon, Angela, and Lisa
A view of the mountains we will be crossing later that day

Ben getting us some fresh clean water out of Isabelle Lake
Hikin up!
Looking back down on Lake Isabelle
Ben and Angela
Getting close to the Pass
We made it!! Scott and Kelly had already made it here and were going down the Pass - they were fast! But Angela and Landon along with Ben and I stopped briefly in the wind to take this photo at the pass.
WHOA! It was STEEP on the otherside of the pass...the lake at the bottom was our camping spot we were trying to get to

Super duper steep!
The lake didn't look that far away, but it never seemed to get any closer either!
Looking back at what we just climbed down!
Frolicking through the flower fields :)

Finally arrived at our camp spot - the dogs are soaking it in!
The group - done and done!
Pawnee Lake
The outstanding campfire a lone camper helped us with, so good after a huge hike!

The next morning...started packing up and getting ready for the mean and nasty hike up the pass!
Whew, we're really going to climb that????
Some cool mushrooms on the way out
Landon and Angela and their dog Roscoe - smiling before the hike of death!!!
Thanks guys for an awesome trip!!!
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Mile High Music Festival

Finally! We got to attend the Mile High Music Festival this year!!!! It was so great to see Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews Band again!
Chillin with some Bud Light Lime BOMBERS before the show
Awwe, look how cute and hot my husband is :)
Haha - LOVED this guy and his t-shirt
Waiting for Amos Lee to come on!

There were some pretty cool "green" rides and events going on at the show, you could produce electricity by riding on this see-saw...
...or by riding these bikes!
Getting ready for DMB!!!!
Beautiful sunset while we waited....ANXIOUSLY!

And the finale!!! Oh DMB, how I've missed you so, 2.5 years was WAY TOO LONG to go without seeing you!
Go Carter!
Dave solo time
And the crowd goes wild!!!!
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New bikes!

When I came back from my Steamboat Springs trip, I found THIS in the garage waiting for me!!!
I had been talking a bit about wanting to try road biking instead of always just mountain biking, so I guess Ben got the hint :)
When we took it on its maiden ride, I blew Ben out of the water on his mountain bike, so a few days later he got one :)
Then we found another super cheap sweet deal on craigslist and got this! A cruiser tandem! Perfect for getting groceries, going downtown on, maybe visiting a few drinking establishments on - I don't know! :)
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Steamboat Girls Weekend with Mom and Amber

In early August, my mom and sister and her kids joined me for a weekend in Steamboat Springs. It was our first all girls weekend (well, except for Wyatt) of fun, of which I'm sure we'll do more!

Amber and Kayla playing along the Poudre River
My mom and Kayla playing
Driving near Walden in Jackson County with a beautiful sunset shining on the surrounding mountains

Next day in Steamboat, we took a short hike to the beautiful Fish Creek Falls
Wyatt was a trooper!
My mom, Amber and kids on the bridge at the bottom of the falls
Someone's sleepy!
Next stop, Steamboat Ski Resort for some bouncy castle fun!
For those of you who know my mom, this photo is HUGE! The last time my mom was in a gondola, she passed out (as she's a bit nervous of heights to say the least). Well, she made it all the way to the top and down! Nice job Mom!

A great storm brewin in the distance!
Enjoying some food and drinks at the top
Next stop - the Wine Festival! One reason we went up to Steamboat this particular weekend, it was the annual Steamboat Springs Wine Festival. My mom and I went to a wine tasting at a book store - super fun to taste wine AND hear about great books!

And last stop, sit by the Yampa River for a relaxing sunny afternoon!
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