Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New bikes!

When I came back from my Steamboat Springs trip, I found THIS in the garage waiting for me!!!
I had been talking a bit about wanting to try road biking instead of always just mountain biking, so I guess Ben got the hint :)
When we took it on its maiden ride, I blew Ben out of the water on his mountain bike, so a few days later he got one :)
Then we found another super cheap sweet deal on craigslist and got this! A cruiser tandem! Perfect for getting groceries, going downtown on, maybe visiting a few drinking establishments on - I don't know! :)
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L said...

Lisa, your new bikes look great! I have thought about trying road biking myself. I would like a faster bike for work. Then again, I kind of like the fact that my bike is pretty sturdy for riding the mean streets of Sydney!