Saturday, September 27, 2008

MTN Biking at Walker Ranch

I had the day to myself and it took a while to get motivated but I managed to get outside and go mountain biking. I checked out this place called walker ranch and it was really more than I had thought it was going to be, with some really greulling uphill climbs and some very fast downhill singletrack and a mandatory hike a bike down a cliff. It was a great workout and a really fun trail, after I get a bit more used to the altitude I am sure it will be more fun.

This is the view as you head up the hill from Boulder. Pretty amazing scenery!
This was at the bottom of the first downhill which was about a mile long and about a thousand feet or so down. Pretty fast and fun.

All in all only a 7.6 mile ride, but when I was finished I felt like I had ridden for about 40. It was worth it though and I am glad I dont have a TV or I would never have gone. Blow up your TV and go outside.
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Fall is in the air!

Lisa and I took the day and drove up into the mountains from Boulder to check out the views of the changing leaves.

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The colors were amazing.

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We made it up to this really cool lake (Brainard) and let the dogs drink until they were full.... The rock to the left of center was under water before we got there!

We hiked around on what is to be some awesome cross country ski trails come this winter. We are excited to see this place when it gets covered in snow. I think that the skijouring is gonna be epic.
The dogs love riding in the Jeep when the top is off, they can smell everything so much better. Cubby even forgoes his barking habit and calmly takes everything in. It really is quite an amazing feat for him, you know what we mean if you have ever hung out with us...

About halfway through our drive it started to get dark and began to rain so we pulled over to put the top up on the Jeep and it was hailing on my head as I secured the windows to the car!
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Trip and non trip web album!

Here is the last post to the alaskan update... changing our name to The Kriederman's Colorado Chronicle.... check back soon! The adventures have already begun!

chillin in Boulder CO

We made it to our temporary quarters in Boulder and are hangin with the deer in our front yard. Just a big empty house... We are searching for a house to buy and the market is tough down here, not much on the market for sale and what is on there is really expensive!

check back soon for the progress and more fun boulder stuff..... I will post a web album of the pics from the trip and then we will be changing the name of the blog to reflect our new locale!
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Final Push

When we were leaving Canada we decided to just hit the interstates and scream down to CO. We took this parting shot....

We rolled into Estes Park and met up with Friends and made some new ones... Went hiking out to sky pond and climbed a glacier and camped out and hiked it up for a weekend. It was a blast!

This was our campgrounds, pretty primo! It was a bit hard to get acclimated to the elevation really fast and it didnt help that we drank ourselves silly the night before. We still had a great time though. Cant wait for more mountain adventures!
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The scenery was breathtaking through this region of alberta. couldn't get enough pictures.
The scale of all this just doesnt come through in these shots!

This is the famous Lake Louise, not as deserving of it's reputation if you ask me. There were places in the AK that blew this out of the water. Still a great place though. My parents soaking in the view.

Cubby and Kaena were really thirsty when we got here for some reason and they stood in the freezing cold lake and drank until a few people asked if we were there to drain it dry!
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We stopped for lunch at some really great spots and took in a litle bit of Canada. Great place if you ask me. Even the traffic cops are nice. We got two speeding tickets and the first thing that the cop said as he strolled up to my window was "little too fast eh?" You gotta love it. he proceded to write us a fat ticket and tell us that we didnt have to pay it if we didnt want to buz nobody would come looking for us in CO!

the crew on a break. I think that we did about 600 miles the 3rd day.
This waterfall was awesome, it was a native only fishing grounds and boy were they haulin them in. What a system. They were all roped in and had nets to scoop up the monsters!
This was Mount Robson, what an impressive peak rising into the clouds! The start of the amazing journy through the jasper NP and Banff areas.
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Day 2

We really wanted to put on some miles after tok and all the construction.... come to find out there was much more where that came from and we had only done 100 or so miles by 3 in the afternoon. No worries though, we would finish the day with 500 or so after a big push down the cassiar. We saw 9 bears on the trip down... This grizzly was out for a walk on the highway. We saw a few foxes too. I liked the black bears the best.
After a long day of driving on unexpectly good road (cassiar was supposed to suck) we stopped to eat and hot tub at the bell 2, which incidently is a heliskiing mecca in the winter. We all need to go back and do this! Check out how many helico@%^@$@%@ERS there are at this place. It was righteous.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AK to CO Trip: Day 1

Some pictures of the beautiful Alaskan sights on our way to Tok on our first day of driving. Ben and his parents came and picked her up from Lisa's last day of work and hit the road HARD!
Of course, we ran into some construction that they can only do in the summertime, kept us waiting there for an hour!
Amazing braided channels of the Matanuska River.
The Matanuska Glacier, its been so fun to live by all this stuff and go play in the Last Frontier. Alaska will be missed!
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're alive!!!!!

sorry sorry sorry!!!! We've been getting several emails wondering if we're ok since we've been incommunicado :) But YES, we're fine, quite busy but fine. Lisa has begun her job at the Boulder office and we're enjoying every minute of being in this town (well, except for the housing prices!) Our trip down to the lower 48 was amazing and we'll post pictures soon. But for now, enjoy this one of us in Jasper, Alberta Canada.

Thanks for the concern everyone :)
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