Thursday, September 18, 2008

We stopped for lunch at some really great spots and took in a litle bit of Canada. Great place if you ask me. Even the traffic cops are nice. We got two speeding tickets and the first thing that the cop said as he strolled up to my window was "little too fast eh?" You gotta love it. he proceded to write us a fat ticket and tell us that we didnt have to pay it if we didnt want to buz nobody would come looking for us in CO!

the crew on a break. I think that we did about 600 miles the 3rd day.
This waterfall was awesome, it was a native only fishing grounds and boy were they haulin them in. What a system. They were all roped in and had nets to scoop up the monsters!
This was Mount Robson, what an impressive peak rising into the clouds! The start of the amazing journy through the jasper NP and Banff areas.
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