Saturday, September 27, 2008

MTN Biking at Walker Ranch

I had the day to myself and it took a while to get motivated but I managed to get outside and go mountain biking. I checked out this place called walker ranch and it was really more than I had thought it was going to be, with some really greulling uphill climbs and some very fast downhill singletrack and a mandatory hike a bike down a cliff. It was a great workout and a really fun trail, after I get a bit more used to the altitude I am sure it will be more fun.

This is the view as you head up the hill from Boulder. Pretty amazing scenery!
This was at the bottom of the first downhill which was about a mile long and about a thousand feet or so down. Pretty fast and fun.

All in all only a 7.6 mile ride, but when I was finished I felt like I had ridden for about 40. It was worth it though and I am glad I dont have a TV or I would never have gone. Blow up your TV and go outside.
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