Thursday, October 02, 2008

Here is a lineup of the precarved pumpkins... The one white one is in there in memory of Dominic Bein Green, he carved an albino at the inaugural fest in HI. Haven't heard from him in a while... drop a line if you're reading this Dom.
Here is V showing off the dinnerware, as we just moved and all the real stuff is in storage until we move into our permanent house.
This years fest included a friendly game of beer pong. I was the raining champion until Lisa came from out of nowhere to claim the title!

Here she is gloating...;) Thanks to all 5 of us who made it happen this year. For all of you who didn't show, blow up your tv and go outside!
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Mathew Nelson said...

Why is it Ben v TV all the time? It's the only friend I have. PS, does Youtube on a computer count?

Cousin Bobulous said...

I will help u blow up da TV's, k?

My first visit to the KCC. Great pics!