Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sushi Night!!!!

A while back, we had a great idea to make our own sushi! After a few failed attempts with instant rice (it never works! so don't even try!!!), we went to the store and bought the right ingredients....yummy!

Chris, showing off his masterpiece....
Ben, trying to flatten his rice
Lisa attempting her masterpiece, if you notice, you have to wear the hat in order to make sushi :)
Kevin showing off his caterpiller sushi roll, nice!

And......wallah! Ummm ummmm ummm
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Mountain Biking Trip!

Last weekend, the Life Team decided to bike the trail from Glen Alps along Powerline Pass and all the way to Indian. It was quite the ride.

This was at the beginning, Ben decided it was time for a nap.

Lisa takin a break with Rennau
The top destination....Powerline Pass, or "the wall" is what I liked to call it :)

A lake in the back of the valley

Kevin, all-star mountain biker
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Mountain Biking Trip contd

So at the back of Powerline Pass valley, we ran into quite the snowfield, only thing we could do was stomp through it! Rennau and Ben contemplating the best route...
Kevin's turn...
Check out the valley behind us we just rode through, pretty sweet eh?
The Life Team made it to the top of Powerline Pass! At this point though it started pouring rain....yippee :(
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Mountain Biking trip contd

Rennau tearin up the track on the other side
Tisha, just after making it through another hellish snow field
Da boys
The sun finally started pokin through and showed us a beautiful rainbow!
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Mountain biking trip contd

We can see the end!!! It was an amazing view from here...

Kevin and Lisa gettin ready to head down...
Looking back to where we had just rode down! Crazy!
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Biking Trip contd

After our ride, Kevin and Ben stayed in Indian to watch our friends play at a bar. They camped out along Turnagain's a shot of the tide coming in, fast!
So fast that there was only seconds to take this picture of Kevin before the the rock was covered
The Alaska Railroad train roared on by
A shot of the moon reflecting in Turnagain Arm. Nice one huh? :)
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rabbit Lake Hike

About a week ago I went on a hike with a couple of friends from work to Rabbit Lake. Its up just east from town and there had been talk about how frozen it still was (we have had a cool summer...have only hit 70 a few times!), we thought we'd check it out.

The beginning of the trail, with Suicide Peaks in the distance
Beautiful valley shot with North Suicide Peak
There she is! Rabbit Lake, probably still about 60-70% frozen over! And its mid July!!! Louise and Heidi...bewildered :)
I was there, see!

Windy Pass, right between both peaksMcHugh Lake, also still partially frozen
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Friday, July 18, 2008

Eagle and Symphony Lakes Backpacking Trip

For the July 4th weekend, Rennau, Ben and I decided to do a short backpacking trip up South Eagle River Valley to Eagle and Symphony Lakes.
The Crew.
Kaena, enjoying the fresh taste of the Eagle River :)
A large flat rock where we had dinner so as not to have food near our camp (to keep bears and wildlife away, but this was irrelevant as you'll see later)
Ben, Rennau and his friend pausing before heading through a big boulder field.
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E&S Lakes Trip

We had quite a few boulders to traverse
Some plant life inbetween the boulders
Ben and I in front of the beginning of Eagle Lake, a glacial fed lake
Symphony Lake - a deep blue lake, right on the other side of the left hand side hill is Eagle Lake

We found our campsite!!!!!
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