Thursday, July 17, 2008

E&S Lakes Trip contd

Eagle Lake in the morning, like a mirror

The previous pictures were taken at 5am in the morning, which right after Rennau got up and decided that Spam sounded really good....and cooked it right beside our tent!!!!! So much for playing it safe the day before by cooking our meals away from our tent - way to go S.D.!
Rennau and the dogs going for a glacial swim!
The view on the way out, it was a great trip! :)
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Rennau said...

Yeah baby 5 am spam! that really helped the hangover...

great pics guys! I'm going to be a mess without you.

L said...

I think that's where we camped too, when we went there. Of course, we went in September, so it was just a little bit colder (just a little)! :)