Thursday, July 10, 2008

Boulder, we come!

If you haven't heard by now, Lisa just got offered a position at the Boulder, CO National Weather Service office, and of course accepted! We are so excited to be moving back to the CONUS, closer to family and old friends and being able to travel a LOT easier! Oh how we've missed road trips! (however, with the price of gas, they may be a bit limited!) We are both super excited at this opportunity and to start a new chapter of adventure in Colorado!
However, it is very sad to leave Alaska, an amazingly beautiful and majestic state, our house we've completely remodeled and made it our Home, and all the wonderful people we know up here and have come to call our friends - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! You will all be sorely missed, and all the fun times, wacky adventures, and personal moments will never be forgotten.
And YES! We will of course be keeping this blog going as we move on, as this is how we like to keep all our loved ones updated on what we're doing! So please, keep checking back. We will be posting on our last Alaskan adventures - we'll be trying to get as many as possible in the next month! (By the way, we'll probably be leaving around the end of August).
To end this post.....we'll leave you with the map of our upcoming drive down to Boulder, our new adventurous home!


Bob said...

Congrats to you guys! And a happy belated birthday to Ben!

- Bob

Anonymous said...

At least you won't have to end up paying for gas! I've heard that Lisa's employer will pick up that tab after the trip! That is so nice of Uncle Sam! ~Mark from FLG