Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fun with Vacuums!

Cubby just LOVES air being forced in his mouth....so whats better than the outtake of a shopvac?!?!?!?!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Surprise....IT'S FALL!!!!!!

While I was gone in Idaho, somehow it became FALL!!!!! Its funny, every single season change that Anchorage has had (which all happen really fast!) I've been out of the state for. So here was another. It was such a nice day Ben and I took the puppies out for a walk (they have grown to LOVE the word "walk"!).

The trees have such beautiful colors in them. And it seems like the Chugach mountains in the background change to a different color everyday (actually the very next day the peaks got snow dumped on them!). And of course a few nice clouds for all my weather weenie friends!
Ben and the puppies running!
And just for comparison, here they are doing they same thing when they were only 2 1/2 months old. They are now 10 months old
Walkin into the sunset. I'm sure the ground will look like the picture above soon, like around October 12-15, when I'll be out of state again! :)
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

DMB Summer Tour 2006

It would have been harder to have a better trip. More friends coming along would have been nice but we still had a great time and hopefully next year we will get back together with casey and annie and Kevin and spring will come too.... It should be great. I can't wait for the next adventure. Stay up and make some memories everybody. This sculpture was in the new part of the seattle airport. If you look at the full size image you will see that the top is a bird coming in for a catch on water and the bottom is the reflection. We thought it was pretty cool. Posted by Picasa
We ate lunch at this place, the food was amazing but the view was even better. We watched people kayaking and sailing and saw some huge boats and yachts and had sea planes taking off all around us on lake washington. I would eat there everyday if we lived in seattle first go to Ivars and get some chowder and then some doughnuts at pikes and then dinner here.
this is the fountain outside the restaurant.
Looks like the space needle has started to lean like that famous tower in Pisa?
The experience music project bldg. A marvel inside and out, and a duck in the foreground. We got to see one swim by when we were in Portland. Posted by Picasa
The moon shown bright over the stadium for a great photo op as we walked down the peirs in Seattle.

Views out the back of pikes market...
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The is the ultra shiek bathroom in our posh suite.
This is a shot of the ferry from bainbridge island. It would be cool to live over there someday, a very cool spot indeed.
This a shot of the harbor steps, one of our favorite places in seattle and the future site of our apartment. Its just up the street from Pikes, yet another reason why seattle is top notch.
Sunset over the olympic penninsula, we toured that a few years back and stayed at a place called glenn ayer, we will never forget it... We made some great memories on that trip. Posted by Picasa
If you can look through the dust you will see the massive herd of people migrating from the venue to the camp after the concert. This is about a third of the people who actually go to the show! Wow eh?
Sepia always makes stuff look so cool. This is the last bridge over the columbia and my personal favorite, before you reach the gorge. We are going to camp there next year and Kiteboard and ski during the day and go see the show at night. After doing this for year and years now I think we finally have it worked out right!
The view of the river towards the concert from a lookout point.
Ah, the W bed. It's only the most comfortable bed in existence. All feathers, feels like your are sleeping on a cloud. Posted by Picasa
The concert goers after setting up camp in a mass of people! We got stuck next to antisocials this year but we still had fun camping!
Sunrise at the camp, man was that awesome, so many people, so much fun.
Here is a shot of the stage, we snuck our camera in one night, too bad it was the night with the worst seats, the other 2 nights we were front and center!
What a show, Kevin and Spring and coming with us next year! IF there is anyone else out there who would like to attend just drop us a line. It is going to be epic! Posted by Picasa
This is called Hippo rock. WE were on our way to Diane and Charlies for dinner.... so cool to get to see them again!
Thanks for a great visit guys!
The view from the hike we went on. Man was that amazing! The country has so much to offer, seems like we will never get to see it all, and we haven't even been to lots of the national parks yet. I think a tour is in order?
This is a vinyard on the columbia, it would be cool to tour some wine country someday, anyone want in? Mat? Posted by Picasa
Hard to beat this hike.
This is the last waterfall, it's called triple falls, for obvious reasons, we walked right up to the edge, bery cool spot. We were the only ones around!
Artsy shot... entitled creativly.... Leaves in a Forest.
These are the tugs that push these massive loads up and down the columbia, Each ship had to be at least a football field long. Posted by Picasa
This was the awesome dinner we had with Casey and Annie for their anniversary. Some of the best scallops ever in the history of the world. We then went on a hike along the columbia river. This is horse tail falls, the first of 4 waterfalls we saw that day!
View from the hike of the river.
Falls number 2, I forget the real name. It was really cool though to walk behind this sucka. Posted by Picasa