Monday, April 19, 2010

Vanessa's Birthday

Vanessa's birthday is a week after mine and even though we were together in Tucson last week cheersing to both our birthdays, we wanted her to have a super fun day on her actual birthday. So, with a little motorcycle ride, some fruit basket, some cupcakes, tapas and some wine, it turned out GREAT!
Vanessa's Birthday

A Tucson Birthday

For my birthday this year, we headed down to The Old Pueblo for a visit with family and friends as we hadn't been back since we were married in June 2008. It was great weather, we got to see TONS of friends (including Kevin Clegg, George Kalli, Mark and Merlyn McClure, and my dear Pam Elslager), and even had some great friends from CO come down for a visit with us - Brian, Vanessa and their son Zander. It was so great to get to know our nieces better, we can't wait for our next visit with Zoe, Zea and Zali!!! Check out some of the pictures!

Tucson Birthday

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A wintertime hike!

This hike actually happened in early March, but I had the best time and wanted to share them. Vanessa came down with Zander and Tikka and we wanted to run some energy off the dogs - so a fun hike was planned. Its up on the Betasso Loop trail up Boulder Canyon, and I knew there probably wouldn't be a lot of people around.

Pre-hike, Zander playing with my hair
Zander is totally ready for the hike! Love his outfit
Mama and baby, ready for anything!
Group shot!
Tikka, Cubby and Ka'ena running off some energy

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