Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Keystone Rendezvous

A couple of weekends ago, Ben and I headed into the mountains to join my friend Sara Dingman for the Keystone Bluegrass and Brewfest.....fun right!??! We headed up extra early to join in on a hike in the morning, to make sure we earned our brews :)

The group of gals we joined in with on the hike.

We never skied Keystone last winter, so after scoping it out on this hike, we're definitely going to check it out! Its sad to see all the bug kill in the trees though :(
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Keystone Brewfest

After the hike, it was on to the Bluegrass and Brewfest! Great music, tons of beer, a beautiful day, what more could you ask for??? (except NOT to work at 4pm that afternoon in Boulder!)
Ben enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes :)
Dingman and I, enjoying some great brewskis together again
One of Dingman's friends, and hands down the best hat EVER! His mom made it!
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