Saturday, March 29, 2008

And Finally, the Bachelorette's Post

Sorry it took me FOREVER to post a blog on my bachelorette party, but FINALLY, here it is. As many of you know, Ben and I held our parties together in Vegas so it was easier for everyone to get together since we are all spread across the US. Well, unfortunately, not many showed up, but those of us that did - MAN did we party it up! My Maid-of-Honor and sister Amber, my bridesmaid Vanessa and my dear beautiful friend from Hawaii Hilary joined me for the hoopla. Minus a bad spout of coffee-aholic behavior one day to help keep awake from partying, we had some great girl time in and an epic dance-party-a-thon together! Thanks a million my lovely ladies!

The hotties out on the town!
The Hawaii clan back together again!
Hilary and I enjoying the first day together, after almost 3 years of not seeing each other. She's still just has fun and hilarious to be with. Can't wait to see you again in April Hil!
My lovely sister Amber, there for me through and through, and always up for ANYTHING! Love ya!

Vanessa, my boldly beautiful bridesmaid who is engaged herself, and I get to return the favor and be her bridesmaid as well! Again, thanks for all the ideas - including this party! :) Can't wait to see you again in April as well!
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Bechelorette party activities

Of course we had to partake in some lounging by the pool and catching some rays, especially albino looking Ben and Lisa from the AK!!!
Enjoyed the sights, sounds and smells of the city. Hilary and Vanessa planning something fun, or maybe evil by the look in their smiles :)
Sunday morning, we all went to the House of Blues for a Gospel Choir Brunch.....VERY exciting, entertaining and just plain stupendous
Unfortunately Amber and Ty and Hilary had to leave a bit early, but the rest of us went out on a beautiful sunny day out to Red Rock Canyon for some rock climbing. Here's Ness rippin it up and preparing for her idea of starting an all-women adventure company. LOVE IT!
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A great sequence

Here's a great sequence by Miss Vanessa Hohn.............

Good friends, good times.....
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More Pictures from Red Rock Canyon

red rock climbing

Check out some more pictures from our climbing trip to Red Rock Canyon west of Las Vegas.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The start of the bachelor party weekend.

Ok so the first picture here has a bit of a backstory... The first day in Vegas for the Bachelor/Bachelorette party, we rode the roller coaster at the New York New York hotel. My dad said "Mat is it better with your eyes closed?" Mat said "Yes!" So he kept them closed the whole time and also exclaimed that he had only taken a total of three breaths the whole ride, we think that the state of calm is a front for shear terror. We almost all died laughing afterwards. Mat is in the process of crapping his pants in this picture. He was screaming as though someone was murdering him the whole time. It was priceless. Needless to say this is probably the last roller coaster that these two will ever go on. So cherish the photo.

Hilary managed to shrink herself to half her normal size for the ride. I guess she figured that it was safer or something that way. Amazing talent none the less. Kevin was just plain having fun.
Lisa was really getting into it and I just wanted to take the whole ride on with a knife! Go faster I screamed, is that all you got? COME ON!!!
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