Monday, September 25, 2006

Surprise....IT'S FALL!!!!!!

While I was gone in Idaho, somehow it became FALL!!!!! Its funny, every single season change that Anchorage has had (which all happen really fast!) I've been out of the state for. So here was another. It was such a nice day Ben and I took the puppies out for a walk (they have grown to LOVE the word "walk"!).

The trees have such beautiful colors in them. And it seems like the Chugach mountains in the background change to a different color everyday (actually the very next day the peaks got snow dumped on them!). And of course a few nice clouds for all my weather weenie friends!
Ben and the puppies running!
And just for comparison, here they are doing they same thing when they were only 2 1/2 months old. They are now 10 months old
Walkin into the sunset. I'm sure the ground will look like the picture above soon, like around October 12-15, when I'll be out of state again! :)
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Lloyd and Shirley said...

Hi Guys,
Are these trails the same ones we went with the 2 of you and your puppies? What beautiful pics!
Dad & Mom R