Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our Kenai River Trip

So, as we said in the last post of us moving to Boulder, here is the beginning of getting in and posting all about our last Alaskan adventures before we leave. This one was excellent!
A couple weekends ago, the Life Team (an exclusive team made up of members Lisa, Ben, Kevin and Chris Rennau - each exhibiting an essential Life Talent that when combined, we can conquer any catastrophe at any time - seriously) decided to take a trip down the Kenai River. We brought our canoe and Kevins kayak.

Life Team Unites!
Ben and Rennau fashioning the latest trends in the river world....
Kevin and Lisa laughing at the other lame Life Team members and their silly fashion
Funny story....Kevin forgot his spray skirt for his kayak, kind of an important piece when going down a glacial fed river. This ultimately led to a catastrophe later on in the trip.....but we conquered it no problem!
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