Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So Shine a light on all of your friends...

One of the greatest things about moving back down to the Lower 48 is the live music we have access too now! Ben and I went to go see Jason Mraz at the Fillmore last night - aaaaaamazing! A great performance by a guy you swear you're friends with. A really cool thing was this "Gridmob" thing they had. On the screens up on the stage it said that "Taking pictures IS allowed. Go ahead and email them to "yournumber@gridmob.com""......and then they showed up on the screen behind Jason! I sent a picture of Ben and I and it showed up about 3 or 20 times (just for you ness).

Great concert, can't wait to explore more live music. Actually, his opening band was awesome, go check them out - Lisa Hannigan

As Jason says....what a beautiful mess this is.
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