Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're alive!!!!!

sorry sorry sorry!!!! We've been getting several emails wondering if we're ok since we've been incommunicado :) But YES, we're fine, quite busy but fine. Lisa has begun her job at the Boulder office and we're enjoying every minute of being in this town (well, except for the housing prices!) Our trip down to the lower 48 was amazing and we'll post pictures soon. But for now, enjoy this one of us in Jasper, Alberta Canada.

Thanks for the concern everyone :)
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jessibe said...

Hey Benn & Lisa. This is Jessica that Ben used to work with at Providence. You got the puppies from my sister. She called me and said that she saw a dog at a shelter that had been lost and she thought that it could be one of your dogs. So I was just checking to see if you took the dogs with you when you moved out of state or if you gave them to someone here. You can email me at or call 907-227-3506. Hope to hear from you soon. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOU WEDDING!!!!