Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 2

We really wanted to put on some miles after tok and all the construction.... come to find out there was much more where that came from and we had only done 100 or so miles by 3 in the afternoon. No worries though, we would finish the day with 500 or so after a big push down the cassiar. We saw 9 bears on the trip down... This grizzly was out for a walk on the highway. We saw a few foxes too. I liked the black bears the best.
After a long day of driving on unexpectly good road (cassiar was supposed to suck) we stopped to eat and hot tub at the bell 2, which incidently is a heliskiing mecca in the winter. We all need to go back and do this! Check out how many helico@%^@$@%@ERS there are at this place. It was righteous.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent photos!

I think the nature and animals give much importance to landscape.

Continue with imagination...