Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mile High Music Festival

Finally! We got to attend the Mile High Music Festival this year!!!! It was so great to see Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews Band again!
Chillin with some Bud Light Lime BOMBERS before the show
Awwe, look how cute and hot my husband is :)
Haha - LOVED this guy and his t-shirt
Waiting for Amos Lee to come on!

There were some pretty cool "green" rides and events going on at the show, you could produce electricity by riding on this see-saw...
...or by riding these bikes!
Getting ready for DMB!!!!
Beautiful sunset while we waited....ANXIOUSLY!

And the finale!!! Oh DMB, how I've missed you so, 2.5 years was WAY TOO LONG to go without seeing you!
Go Carter!
Dave solo time
And the crowd goes wild!!!!
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