Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

This year, I had to work during Thanksgiving and therefore could not go to my parents for the family get together. So our other family was nice enough to come down for a nighttime thanksgiving feast! Brian, Vanessa, Zander and our friend Gillam came down to spend the holiday with us.
Zander really likes the djembe drum!
Father and son getting some good quality cartoon action in before dinner :)
We made a delicious overnight-brined, butter-n-beer-injected turkey on the charcoal grill! YUM!
Our Feast!
Zander and his clothes-twin monkey
He moved on from the drum to the guitar - this kid just may be a musician!
After devouring our feast, we sat down for one of our favorite games back from our Hawaii times together - CatchPhrase! Vanessa takes a stab at it
Daniel sits on the sidelines
Lisa trying to get her point across
Zander wants to guess!
Gillam's turn!
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