Saturday, July 03, 2010

And.....we're back!!!!

I know, its been almost 3 months since we've last blogged, well here we go again! Sorry for the break. I've been posting to Facebook a lot, but I know not everyone has that, and its nice to have all our adventures/trips/events all in one place.

So here's one! At the end of May, Vanessa and Brian and Zander were back in Colorado. Ben and I brought our mountain bikes up to Estes for some fun with Vanessa, just like we used to do back in Alaska 4 years ago! Here's V happy as ever, with the awe-inspiring Longs Peak in the background.
Ben...taking it all in!
Finally a straight-away!!! Before this it was all uphill for about a mile, it was a nice reprieve.
Tearin it up!
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Ben racing off through the aspens....
Vanessa right behind him!
The Big Thompson back in Estes Park was roaring! A great hangout weekend
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