Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grandma turns 90!

My Grandma T turned 90 this year so we all headed to Iowa to help her celebrate!

This isn't the best smile she has, but man did she still have her wittyness about her, crackin jokes left and right!
My mom used her cake decorating skills (she was a professional when I was little) and made the cutest cake ever!
Ta Da!!! She accidentally forgot the top piece of cake, so she had a local supermarket bakery make it for her....you can tell which one they did - can't believe they charged her for that! But still, it was SUCH a CUTE cake!
Another one of my grandma's cakes....made of all flowers. She had another one too, forgot to take a picture though, but it was cheesecake wrapped in fondant to look like stacked presents, very cute!
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