Saturday, November 15, 2008


K, so my post about Sevilla is going to be short just like our visit there.... The train ride from Toledo was really cool, Lots of these trees! I think that they are olive trees....

The countryside is filled with them, everywhere. It is beautiful and gets even better the further south we go from Madrid, the rolling hills really add to the landscape.
The castles are getting cooler too! I think that we should have booked a few nights at this place. could have been really cool.
Instead we went to Sevilla, and let me say that it was a bad choice, should have just stayed in Toledo, the food sucked and the place was a crowded dump. Soul my toukas. Ok so we didn't really give it that good of a chance, but after our initial experience we just decided to move on. Maybe if we had tried harder we would have liked it more, but who has the time for that.
So we just sat and kissed, hiding ever so effectivly behind and orange? It was fun. The whole city did smell of oranges and that was cool. Off to Granada in the morning.
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Erik and Jodie said...

Wow, the castles look amazing and the scenery looks very beautiful. So cool!