Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving Day

Moving in to our new house was an all day affair. It sure was nice to start the process of settling into our new city though.

Lisa started to put her clothes away and soon discovered that the closet just would not do. So our first project before we left for the honeymoon. We installed a closet organizer with 4 poles and six drawers and 3 shelves... I dont have a picture of the finished project yet buy I will be sure to post it later.

So after bringing 4 full car loads from our temporary housing, the Semi showed up. Full. So if you are in the area we are going to be having a garage sale soon. Too much stuff.

We have been unpacking for a week now and still haven't even gotten it all out of the boxes yet, much less organzied. But alas, we are off to Spain for our honeymoon. Look for posts on that soon!

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