Thursday, November 06, 2008 we come!!!!

Because of all the craziness of moving from AK to CO right after our wedding, we ended up having to delay our honeymoon for awhile. We ended up planning it for November, in order to meet up with our friends Jon and Charmian when they are in Florence, Italy. So, we leave this Sunday for a trip to Spain and Italy! We're so excited to finally just focus on US.! Its been so crazy trying to sell the AK house, buy one here in Boulder, and now moving into the new house a week before our trip! But, luckily its almost here and we can just RELAX and enjoy being married.

We just splurged on the first two nights in Madrid, where we'll try to recoup from the stress and traveling, then the rest of the trip we'll find little cheap places to stay. But in Madrid, we'll be staying at ME Madrid Reina Victoria. Here's some pictures.
We're getting the honeymoon package which includes a bottle of Cava and Chocolate Strawberries upon arrival, in-bed continental breakfast each morning, fresh roses, candles and bath salts, incense and rose petals in bed, and an in-suite couples massage. AHHHHHH!

Wish us luck on our totally unplanned rest of the trip!! It should be fun and adventurous! We'll take our laptop and try to post a little of what we're doing and seeing!

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