Monday, November 24, 2008

Granada Continued...

We made our way to the Alhambra to get tickets to check it out. Turns out that 8000 people go to see this thing every day. The tickets are for a specific 30' entry time and if you miss it you're out of luck. The place is well worth it though. Everything is decorated with water, in every way you can think of , because to the people who made it water was a very valuable commodity.

This is a cool shot I took of the first waterfall that we saw wehn climbing the giant hill up to the entrance.

This next shot is just a quick example of how narrow the streets were. Everybody who drove through here, and it was a lot of people, scrapped their rear view mirrors.
This is a shot showing the amazing rock work in all the streets and side walks of Granada. It is all made from different colored rocks. They must have spent centuries organizing and placing all these stones.
The Sierra Nevada Mountains loomed huge in the background of the city. We almost headed up there to go skiing but we couldnt find a snow pant rental place. It was cold in the city and we figured it would really be cold up there.
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