Saturday, November 15, 2008


The streets were a bit tight for delivery trucks like these... People really had to duck into doorways to avoid being run down, it was nice to have less traffic in this city though.
We also found the most amazing Marzipan ever. And when we say ever we mean it, this recipe dates back to the 15th century or something like that. They have been making it at this shop in Toledo since the 1800's.
We also went to an amazing restaurant in Toledo, the best food we have had in Spain by far. I had a 5 course chef selected meal and Lisa had some amazing pork dish. It was outstanding, and we ate in this ancient cellar, it was like being in a european food magazine or something.

We window shopped for a long time in Toledo and found this amazing house, made entirely of cookies... It was pretty cool, We are wondering if you want to try to make one of these for next years fall fest V?

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