Saturday, November 15, 2008


The city was like stepping back in time with castles and moats and walls everywhere, the whole place has been deemed a historic site. Some new art has managed to creep into the ancient walled city, like these sculptures above, can you find lisa in the photo? I couldnt, seemed like three of the same sculpture to me...
This is a government building inside the city walls and the awnings that you see in front of it are a series of six escalators that we rode to get up and down the hill. The whole town is one rolling hill after another.
This is a shot of the river that surrounds 3 sides of the city.
Here are the falls...This bridge was awesome, linking the old walled city with the newer houses and streets outside the historic town...What an amazing place, we liked this low key old school life a lot more than the hustle and bustle of Madrid and it's go zillion people!
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