Saturday, November 15, 2008


We left the craziness of Madrid for a much more relaxed and quaint Toledo, boy is this place breathtaking! The moon rose over the city as we went out on the town. The narrow city streets just ooze character, and each one whispers to you as you go by. It's impossible to walk down to many of them. We pretty much zigzaged our way throughout the entire town the first night. We stayed at a really great little hotel right inside the city walls, it was nice and quiet, except for the spanish lesson from the locals as they come home from the tapas bars at 7 in the morning laughing and carrying on. The major sights that we took in were the alcazar and the cathedral. Both spetaculo.
It was hard to find a bad place to take a picture here... tell me this isn't a postcard.
This is the giagantic alcazar that dominates the city. It was on the highest hill, but when you are walking the narrow streets you have no idea it even exists!
Here is the view from our hotel room... Toooooo coool.
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