Monday, December 08, 2008

Getting ready for Xmas with friends

With the help of Brian and Vanessa, we added some Christmas cheer to our house this weekend. Since we didn't have the huge Alaskan wilderness to chop our own tree down in, we went to a local Boulder tree farm and picked up a beautiful spruce.

Our first tree as husband and wife! :) We even found and hung up the ornament that Ben bought for our first Christmas together 5 years ago!
Vanessa helping add some cheer! You probably don't recognize her for 1.) she's turned around, and 2.) her hair is now short and brunette!!! She looks great and I hope to have a front picture of her soon!
Hung up our stockings near the tree, including the puppies below the TV! (yes, we do in fact own a TV, and for those of you wanting to call out Ben on his "Blow up your TV" comments, its only for movies :) )
After a long day, Brian, Ben and our friend passed out beside the decorated tree, dreaming of sugar plums and skiing the next day!
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PyroBob said...

Vanessa with short brunette hair?!

Hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas.