Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Return to Alaska for a Friend

In mid-December, after an email about one of our best friends, we returned to Anchorage. It was so beautiful up there with all the trees covered in frost and gorgeous bluebird skies.
Our friend Kevin had been skiing and experienced a seizure, luckily before he began the North Face run. As he was checked out at the hospital, they found a brain tumor. Surgery was quickly scheduled, and Ben and I made sure we would arrive before it to be with him, help out his parents, and have a little fun with him, as seen below.
The "head protection" we brought him was actually some packing material that we all had fun with while we still lived in Anchorage, we would pretend they were moon boots. And somehow they made it to Colorado with our stuff, so we brought it back for him to use post-surgery :)
Kevin and his support group (Ben, Lisa, Tisha, Amber and his parents) heading to the hospital, with the head protection too!
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