Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alaska Trip continued

We were fortunate to be able to see Andy and Lisa and the twins for dinner real quick, along with Sam and Cindy. The girls were hilarious! They give fabulous "stink-eyes"!
Before we left to head back to Denver, we stopped one last time to see Kevin, he was up and ready to go, amazing recovery! We brought him the Costco-size bag of Swedish Fish (his favorite) to munch on. All in all, it was great to be there for him and help his family out.
This was about 10am in the morning, as we were in the airport heading to our gates.
And here's the gnarly scar Kevin had. We were kinda sad because we wanted to have him have a mohawk, and he even asked the doctors before the surgery if they would....guess he'll just have to work on one from here. :)
Unfortunately, the tumor ended up being malignant. But the doctors think they got most of the mass out. We have high hopes though because he's young, super healthy (a mountaineer), is willful and has so much love and support from his friends and family. So, for those of you who know him and for those of you who don't, if you could just put him in your thoughts we can all help to beat this thing!

Kevin - we love you and can't wait to hang out again! We're here for you always and forever. You're the best friend anyone could remotely even dream of having. And of course, keep singing:

In the light there's no darkness
So why not live the life we love
And love the life the life we live
Live the life we love
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Anonymous said...

Just checked out your blog again for the first time in a while, decided I'm gonna start workin' on that mohawk. Screw work.
Ben, Lisa, you two are pretty much the best friends ever made. When I am sitting by myself in the doctor's office, or just waking up from napping the day away, or just pissed off because this is happening to me instead of someone else; I think of all the FUN you enabled me to experience in the last two years, and I remain hopeful that when this bullshit is all over and done I can get back to the better parts of life. It's enlightening.