Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lake Louise with the Browns

Lisa and Andy invited us to go to Lake Louise in Eastern Alaska with them this last weekend. We stayed at The Point Lodge, set on a point out into the Lake, ironically :). It was a great time, relaxing, fishing, hiking, and playing cribbage.
Andy getting in touch with his wild side
This cat, named Loverboy, lived at the lodge. He was so heavy, he could only take about 10 steps and he was down for an hour!!! Friendly though.
On Sunday, we got to wake up to the most beautiful sunrise that we've seen in Alaska so far, as well as some "Dutch Babies", aka German Pancakes, that were out of this world! The lodge cooked us dinner (pork chops, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cheese ravioli, and a lemon cheesecake cake thing...amazing!) and breakfast.
In the picture below there was some really cool clouds above the mountains, one like a jellyfish, the other like a plume from a volcano.
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