Sunday, October 29, 2006

CO Baby Shower Trip cont'd

After the shower we went out to dinner with the family. Here's my mom and aunt Angie swinging their great=niece Claudia. I was jealous that I couldn't do that anymore!
Amber and I went and joined Ty, Ty's mom and friend, and one of their friends at Old Chicago. Man I miss Old C's!!!!! We enjoyed some pool, drinks and even some Dave Matthews on the jukebox!
I'm totally showing this picture to Ty and Amber's kid!!!!! Show them that their mom was sharkin at pool with them in her belly!!!! :) (she's an amazing pool player!)
How cool is this place?!?!?! Not only the name, but they have swings over the bar you can swimg on!!!!!!!!!! This place should go nationally, instead of just spoiling the freindly people of Ft. Collins, CO!
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Anonymous said...

DRUNKEN MONKEY??! I wanna go! -taylor