Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fall Fest '06 Cont'd.

Here is Sergios with his first attempt ever at carving a pumpkin, not bad considering he had quite a lot of spiked cider! :) He is from Cyprus so we thought we'd throw a bit of american holiday traditions at him. He refused to cut the top out and dig out the insides though, until Ben beat him at a game of foosball and made him do it...too funny!
Andy Brown's attempt at a "triple-point low" carving on his mini pumpkin. Weather weenie!!! (K, I admit it, I thought it was pretty cool too!)
Lining them up to get ready to judge, order from the left is: Andy and Lisa Brown's, Kevin's, Lisa and Ben's, Jeff and Audra's, Rhett and Mickey's, and Andy Brown's that he did the night before...cheater! :)
And the winner is.......the Beaver by Mickey and Rhett (second from the right). However they copied off a picture, so they said originality winner was Ben and I (the pumpkin skiing down the mountain, third from the left)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Michelle said...

Hey guys, this looks like so much fun! Someday perhaps I can join in. I hope you two are enjoying the winter, pretty soon we will be hitting the beach in Cabo baby! I can't wait. I will call this weekend, maybe I will get lucky and speak to one of you fine folks. love ya and miss ya!