Sunday, October 29, 2006

CO Baby Shower Trip

In early October, I went home to Colorado to attend my sister Amber's baby shower...she's due in late January. We still don't know the sex of the baby, hopefully by November! As soon as I arrived to my parents house, 15 deer came through the fence to say hello to me!
My mom and I had some mother-daughter time and drove up to Nebraska to see their new house. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I woke up to coffee made and sat in this living room shown below to look out at a forest and even some deer where around. And only a few miles away from my grandparents, it was great to see them. Anyway, my parents are planning on moving into it next summer, where they will begin a bed and breakfast in this 4,000+ sq. ft. house with 40+acres. So put in your reservations now!!! :)
This is one of my gifts I bought my sister, it says "Polar Pals" on it, pretty fitting with me living in AK.
I had a great time with my mom. She was such a happier person this time, probably because she is making a huge effort to become healthier and lose some weight that she's wanted to for a long time. Her effort is paying off, already losing 20+ pounds! Shes looks great! (sorry for the cleavage shot!) :)
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