Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Unfortuneatly my mom wasn't in Colorado when I was, she was helping her ailing aunt in Arkansas...mommy to the rescue! It was great though to see my aunt and uncles and cousins and second cousins and sister and last but not dad. We even got to have a little "Father - Daughter" date, we went out to the movie "RV", very funny and highly recommended.

My Aunt Angie and Uncle Keith, they used to always come to the Rockies Spring Training in Tucson and visit me when I was going to school there, those were always such great times.

My cousins Tonya and Steve and their two precious princesses Claudia and Abagail.
The Superhero Dad and his two daring sidekicks Amber and Lisa!
When I finally got down to Fort Worth (whooooeeeeeee, it was HOT) for my training, I got to see and old great friend Tony King who lived in a town close by. We marched in Denver Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps a few years back. He was always such a funny and great friend in the drumline. Its too bad though that I didn't get to see the rest of the "Texas Boys"; Nad, Opie, and James.
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Mat said...

The one, the only...TONYKING!

OK, I feel better. :)