Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"The Amazing Race" Tryout!!!

The show came to Anchorage looking for potential teams for the show....we said "Hell Yeah!" Ever since the show started we thought that was perfect for us, so we were so stoked. The auditions were held at a local furniture place. They gave us a huge packet of questions and then we had to do a little something about ourselves in front of a camera. There were about 300 people there, so it had to be good. We usually get into some sticky life threatening situation on our normal outtings due to Ben's "oh its EASY" attitude and my "Let's just stop and think for a sec!" ways, so it would be fun/interesting/scary to see what would happen when our normal adventure outings are expanded to worldly size. So now we just wait to hear from them. Wish us luck!!!
Here's us going crazy with all the questions they asked us. They even asked us about our psychological background...oh if they only knew :)
Gettin pumped up to be on camera!!! Posted by Picasa


Erik and Jodie said...

Good luck you guys and hope to see ya on the next season!!!

Kevin&Spring said...

You guys would be perfect. Alaska looks amazing. Good to see some Mt bike riding! Can't wait to see you guys.