Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just wanted to post a little more about Baylie, my godson. He is such the greatest kid and I'm so proud of him everyday. I hate to live so far from this awesome kid. He was my first birth I had ever been to and the moment I saw him I fell in love with this kid. He's really involved in a ton of sports, and even though he's the sweetest thing and a touch shy, he lets it all out playing sports. He's consistantly the best player on all his temas, baseball, football, soccer, and now he's trying hockey. Then in between all the fun, he still does fantastic with his school work, a straight-A student, and is a grade or two ahead in math. Great kid, eh? However his parents are so great and give him all the support and love to accomplish anything, and I thank them for letting me take a part in his life. It makes me excited to see what he'll do in his life. Love you Baylie!
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