Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I also got to see my long-time best friend Amber and her husband Jimmie and kids Wesley, Kolin, and Baylie. They are such a great family and I always love hanging out with them all. Amber is so amazing too, not only is she a nurse at a nursing home and works only night shifts that are 12 hours long, lifting elderly with her little 100 lb frame (if that), then comes home and takes care and schools her kids! She is an amazing woman, showing true dedication and love.

Jimmie, Amber and I.
Wesley, the littlest one (but not for long, Amber is due to have another in October! SuperMom)
Kolin, the crazy and wild one.
Baylie, the oldest (except Nolan, Jimmie's son who lives in Texas, miss you Nolan!) and on his way to being Mr. GQ :)
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