Thursday, April 03, 2008

Intro to my Birthday

Unfortunately I had to work on my birthday, but when I got home, Ben was still in the process of blowing up over 140 balloons and decorating the house! It was fun to see, even though I came home before he was done. Then before we headed out for the evenings activities (Beersledding!), I got to open up my presents.

Here was one of Ben's presents to me, perfectly wrapped in MONKEYS!
One of my many mylar balloons
Ben was so great, after decorating everything and getting me wonderful presents! He got me a yoga mat, a HUGE vase of indoor growing tulips, and a 15" screen frame for digital pictures, already preloaded with all of our "Us" pictures - so cute! I also got some beautiful earrings from my parents, an REI gift card and Sweet Potato chips (MY FAVORITE) from my soon to be in laws, and some great cards from lots of other friends and family - THANK YOU EVERYONE!
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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa, sorry I missed it, I will give you lots of hugs when I see you in Hawaii. Can't wait.