Friday, April 25, 2008

The Last Day

The last day Kevin and I were on Oahu, I brought him to Ko'olina....a super post resort on the west side of the island. Its cool that anyone can still use their beaches and amazing lagoons, no charge!

Kevin chose this drink as his last on the islands....the Tropical Itch, complete with a back scratcher. That helped him sleep GOOD for the ride home.
It was an amazing trip, full of great friends, great times and great memories! Until next time.......ALOOOOOOOOHAAA!
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Ben's Father said...

Wow....I feel like I went on the trip with ya'll but at the same time....I feel ripped off for not remembering what happened when the camera was off!!

Ben's Father said...

"Ben's father" is not the one who planted the seed but rather the guy living in the "Dirty South" who will beat ben in a thumb wrestling match any day of the week!

Bring it!!
Kenny B