Saturday, April 26, 2008

Late season DUMP!

When we came home from Hawaii, it was beautiful weather....sunny skies with highs near 60! Then yesterday Mother Nature decided to squelsh our summertime dreams and dump a recordbreaking snowfall! Heres some pics to show you.

On our deck after it had been snow about 7 hours.
At this time we had about 14 inches...
Three hours later it was still snowing lightly and we were up to 17 inches!

All in all, as of 11am this morning, we got about 20 inches at our house. This snowfall over the Anchorage Bowl made several records including the most snowfall in any April ever before, the third most snowfall amount in 24 hours, and this all bumped the 2007/2008 year to the 6th most snowiest year on record for Anchorage!
The guys thought there was no better time than to duct tape beers in their hands, 24 oz in each hand! Brilliant.
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