Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Russian River Combat Salmon Fishing

Ben and I went down to the Russian River last weekend to go salmon fishing....combat salmon fishing. We left our house at midnight and were fishing by 3am. Yes, its Alaska, there was plenty of light.

See em all line up!
The area around the river was beautiful, loved these wild roses. Kept my eye out for the pink grizzly bears - yes, thats right, pink. The brilliant Alaska Fish and Game dept has come up with the brilliant idea to paint the problem bears so you can stay away. Disgusting!
Ben in all his glory! You can see where the glacial water and the freshwater converge, that's where we were told to fish.
THere are handy cleaning stations in the river to keep the smelly carcasses from stinkin and littering the place. Ben sharpening his BIG KNOOOIIIIIFE.
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Anonymous said...

No way, that's awesome you have a cleaning station right in the river! Looks like a great trip but where are the fish?

Erik and Jodie

Steve said...

Hey Ben and Lisa!!!!
I hope you find's Steve and Bonnie (we met in Hawaii through kevin and spring and jesse)
and we're here in Alaska through mid-August, so we need to meet up! We're staying near Pioneer and Muldoon. My phone is 520.234.7811 give a call, Steve